Project development timeline

Project start 2020-2021
First stage
- Initial preparations
- Developing the idea
- Creating a building plan
- Finalizing of our webpage
- Printing and sourcing promotional materials
Project start 2020-2021
Q3 2022
Second stage
- Completion of architects plans for the building
- Services, contents, and equipment defined
- Apply formally for planning permission
- Realistic internal/external 3D rendering images completed and posted
Q3 2022
Autumn 2022
Third stage
- Building permissions issued
- Press releases and promotions locally & internationally
- Starting public-awareness campaigns and general promotion of the project
- Researching and reaching outto potential investors
- Launch of crowdfunding and social network campaigns
- Accurate update of project cost calculations
- Open the tenders, request of quotations for building and construction works
- Start sourcing the funds for the project
Autumn 2022
Winter 2022/2023
Fourth stage
- Completion of funding
- Selection of Main contractors
- Contracts drawn up and signed
Winter 2022/2023
Q2 2023
Fifth stage
- Beginning of construction
- Oversight of all works
- Acquire partnerships with scientific institutions and universities for collaboration
- Further targeted promotion of the conceptto relevant industry clientele
- Projection of opening dates
Q2 2023
Autumn/Winter 2023
Final stage
- Detailed information flow to institutions for projected opening date
- Final preparations for opening
Autumn/Winter 2023