a revolutionary new concept in architecture that accelerates the transition to a fully sustainable world


INOMAD.WORLD & ECUBES is an all-in-one technology-driven lodging concept for individuals and businesses to live, work, learn and research.

We enable a carbon neutral future, to meet demand from REPowerEU and accelerate the Hydrogen economy.

INOMAD & ECUBES offers a unique place for co-living, co-working and a laboratory for various scientific research. We will also support young individuals or groups with their start-up concepts and incubate them until developed. Our main goal is promotion and implementation of Hydrogen technologies, infrastructure and Zero-emission corridor mobility.

In addition to our work & living facilities, we offer retreats, customized seminars for businesses and organizations, learning & education programs for individuals or teams who want to enrich their skills and professional development, whilst traveling the world. You can hire our place to organize a team-building day or give your company a major boost of team spirit.

Our R&D center will encourage development of new technologies, machine learning, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics and focus on hydrogen technologies.

Within North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley business clusters, we are already working on deployment a hydrogen energy infrastructure of tomorrow and contributing in forming a North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley. Further to that, our IT team has already started developing a unique, but versatile IT solution for planning, managing and supporting complete hydrogen infrastructure inside entire value chain.


What makes INOMAD.WORLD special:


Modern, inviting interior design, cool private location near the city center, private offices, chill zone park, event space, swimming pool and bar with catering make INOMAD really special. Air in all areas is fully conditioned, filtered, ventilated and exchanged every 15minutes. Built materials are certified to be environmental and health friendly.


Rent a great place to stay, work, chill, and play. Our space is fully equipped with the best gear necessary for quality stay. Smart rooms, high speed internet, silent offices, laboratory+workshop, cutting-edge AV / IT systems and so much more.

Grow with a Supercomputer

Come alone or with your partner and meet other digital nomads and startups from all over the world. Share ideas, concepts and insights. Learn from others and grow. Our laboratory hosts a supercomputer ready for scientific research, medical inventions, smog control, cancer research, simulation, fintech forecasts, renewable energy power plants modeling, and many more.

Private office space

Stay focused and productive in our special workspace. Our coworking spaces and rooms are highly sound-insulated, while layout is fully customizable to your needs.


Our coworking space has everything you need for great productivity and collaboration with your team members or other digital nomads. It is equipped with semi-private desks, sound absorbing elements and active sound masking system reducing the noise from other users.

Events & workshops

Enjoy our hosted events, workshops and presentations with experts in marketing, economy, software development, advertising, design, biology, blockchain, chemistry, law and investment from all over the world.


Facility is offering rent of electric bikes, electric car and parking with 8x EV charging stations each of 11kW AC. We produce clean electric from our own PV solar power plant. Visit us and take a zero-emission ride.

Eco-friendly property

We invested a large effort to drastically reduce our impact to the planet, by carefully planning every aspect of building and usage of the property. Our own solar power plant produces more electricity than we consume. Our lights are carefully chosen to give the best experience to users while not causing light pollution or disturbing night animals. Rain is collected and reused for flushing the toilets and watering the garden. Food waste is reduced to a minimum and recycled on-site. All plants are local, but wildlife friendly. Large biodiversity is set to attract the pollinators. All integrated power-systems are automated for extraordinary energy efficiency. And the list goes on... If you are an eco-conscious traveler, this is a place for you to stay.

Hydrogen perks

We plan to produce, store and offer a green hydrogen for FCEV vehicles directly in our backyard. You can see and learn in-person about hydrogen directly on-site. System will host an electrolyzer, fuel cell, storage and H2 refill station nearby. All that encapsulated in small form container, ready to be installed anywhere from marinas to mountain huts. No hotel offers such a personal demonstration of the new technology of tomorrow - absolutely a unique hospitality feature anywhere in the World.

Investing oportunity

INOMAD.WORLD is currently self funded, but we are looking to rise funds from investment companies and individuals. Become a part of something great and get in touch.

If you are interested in investing in our project then this is the right moment to do so. 

Open call:
Step on the Hydrogen train towards clean energy future, join INOMAD & ECUBES WORLD

Seeking deployment partners for the projects in the region in Croatia, Slovenia and Italian Autonomous Region FVG, Italy.

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